“House of Three has been a God-Send to my family. My mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 Alzheimer’s Disease early last year. After many months with my father trying to handle her everyday needs all on his own, and myself living 12 hours away, we decided to transition her into an Assisted Living facility. The activity level and noisy environment was not the atmosphere for my mother. After several interviews with other Senior Care facilities, it was determined that they would not provide the quiet, peaceful environment that she needed. Right when we thought we were out of options, a Social Worker from the Geriatric Unit at a local hospital mentioned the House of Three concept.

We consider the Owners of House of Three and their staff to be extended family! They are amazing, loving, caring people. The homey environment is so welcoming and calming. They understand and anticipate my mother’s needs at every level. They are patient and kind when her moods become stubborn and unruly at times. The home-cooked meals and catering to her eating habits are something that cannot be compared to a larger facility.

House of Three came into our lives when we thought we were literally out of options. Thank you, thank you House of Three! We love you!

Family of H. Ross
Rogers, AR


The following is a text sent to the Roger’s House of Three homeowners, Shane and Jennifer Edwards. It is from a family member who was visiting her Uncle Robert at his new House of Three home: “Sorry to bother you on your day off, but want to let you know that I’m literally crying tears of happiness this morning. The difference is night and day! Uncle Robert kissed my hand. Asked for scrambled eggs. Reached for his own cup and held it. An answer to prayer! Thank you!“┬Ł

Uncle Robert’s Niece
Rogers, AR


“After the memory unit my husband had been in for five months told me that he would have to be discharged due to his disruptive behaviors, I did not know what to do. I knew I could no longer take care of my husband’s advanced dementia in our home, even with extra help. A friend told me about the Lyric House of Three in Little Rock. Though we lived in Hot Springs, I decided that the move to Little Rock would be best. As soon as I entered the house, I felt at peace and hoped they could accept my spouse of 49 years. The quiet home environment and his ability to rest when HE needed immediately allowed him to become more relaxed. Because just a handful of caregivers provide the care of my husband’s needs, they learned how to best approach and provide what is both comfortable and best for him. My prayers were answered by The House of Three. I am thrilled that that very same opportunity is now available for families in Hot Springs!”

Hot Springs, AR


“My mom had been in an inpatient hospice facility for over two years. While she received good care, she and my father needed a change. During my mom’s long illness, she had been at home with 24-hour caregivers and at a nursing home. It was not until I discovered The House of Three, thanks to my preacher, that I felt 100% comfortable with her living arrangements. My dad, who has been by mother’s bedside for the past three years, now rests peacefully at night in his home. When Dad visits Mom, he enjoys being able to help with her care, as well as growing a garden in the backyard at The House of Three. I enjoy getting to see how mom is doing throughout the day via the camera in her room and an app on my phone. I also look forward to being able to sit down and have a great home-cooked meal from time to time or eat something sweet while I visit Mom at her new home in a House of Three.”

Maumelle, AR

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What to Expect

  • 24/7 care with live-in/relief staff
  • Minimum 1-to-3 Caregiver to Resident ratio
  • Webcam accessible to family members at no additional cost
  • Private bedrooms/suites for all Residents
  • Primary-care physician continues direct care
  • Home-health, hospice and or home-based services can be continued
  • Meals provided with personal preferences of food choices and schedules