Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Resident-to-Caregiver Ratio?

The Resident-to-Caregiver Ratio is generally 3-to-1. Often times that ratio is even less as Home Facilitators frequently spend time within the home with residents and caregivers.

What are your requirements for staff members of the House of Three?

Staff members are qualified caregivers that are employed by House of Three. Most are Certified Nursing Assistants and have worked previously with the geriatric patients before coming to work at the House of Three. Caregivers and those seeking a license to be a Home Facilitator are fully screened, including background and personal reference checks. Additionally, our on-staff nurses provide on-going training in aspects of senior and memory care.

Are there other places like the House of Three homes?

Yes, this concept of a Care Home, or Adult Family Home, has been the preferred way of living for many seniors in other states (i.e., Florida, Texas, Missouri). There are a number of Care Homes in Arkansas owned and operated by individuals. You can find homes licensed under House of Three in Little Rock, Rogers, Hot Springs, and Sheridan.

What is the difference seen between House of Three homes and other care homes?

In Arkansas, most care homes are shared by the home owner and its residents. In House of Three, the home is exclusively for the three individuals with a caregiver rotation covering all hours 24/7. Each House of Three has quality of care and facility parameters that must be maintained to continue licensing under the House of Three.

Each home must be within a neighborhood setting, provide private rooms for all residents, and be set up with a monitoring system allowing families the ability to view common areas and the bedroom of their loved one. Floors must be wheelchair accessible and fall hazards must be kept at a minimum. Homes are tastefully decorated and comfortable for handicapped senior living. Due to the nature of neighborhood living, all homes have amenities that vary.

What size houses are House of Three homes?

Our homes are typically above the 2000 square foot mark. Some are above 3000 square feet. Each home must have at least three bedrooms/suites, as well as, a bedroom for the caregiver. We look for houses that allow for multiple living spaces allowing private time for families and Residents.

What happens if a resident becomes anxious or ill?

The low Resident-to-Caregiver ratio (generally 3-to-1 or less) allows us to react quickly to change of condition or to pick up behavior indicating changes in anxiety. Because of the familiarity with caregivers and the natural rhythms of living within a home, we find that there are fewer issues stemming from anxiety and confusion. We also find that because the staff works so closely with the Resident, changes of routine or observations that may require a medicine change are addressed timely. As these changes are noticed, the family and, if needed, the physician are called to discuss what may need to be done in order to better care for the individual.

Is there a way I can monitor my loved one daily?

Yes! Families are encouraged to stay in close contact with by calling and visiting often. We desire for family members to visit with staff or loved ones whenever convenient. We want family members to feel the same openness that they have always experienced when visiting their loved ones.

The ability to view your loved one and their caregivers in real time via webcam is one of the unique features of our private homes. Multiple cameras are throughout the home within common living areas. In addition, each resident bedroom/suite can be accessed by a family member. These cameras within the bedroom can be activated with the resident’s and family’s consent. The camera system allows designated family members to view the camera remotely via the internet.

Can residents bring furniture and other mementos?

Absolutely, and in fact, we recommend it. By bringing familiar things with them, residents often adjust to their new home quickly. There is great comfort in lounging in your favorite chair or drinking from the coffee cup you have had for years! If needed, we can often assist with moving for most individuals. Should a furnished room be needed, we can also have a room ready for move-in when you arrive. Our goal is not to look like the newest Hilton in Atlanta, but to be the home where your loved ones find familiarity and contentment.

Can I come and visit any time, or do I have to call ahead?

Family members are welcome anytime!! You don’t ever need to call ahead. We know that our Residents’ spirits are lifted when visitors arrive.

What if I am not available to take my loved one to a doctor’s appointment?

Most times, we can help you arrange for someone to assist taking a Resident to appointments. Frequently, the one taking will be the Home Facilitator. Some of our homes have the opportunity to offer physicians that are regular visitors for the Residents within the home.

What if we want to take our loved one out to dinner or to go shopping?

Creating a fun outing for a Resident is always encouraged. We have families that regularly take Residents for Sunday dinners at family members’ homes, shopping, out to eat, or a trip to the beauty shop. Just let the Caregivers know, so your family member is ready when you arrive. They will be looking forward to the special time with their family!

Are Residents allowed to go outdoors?

Residents are encouraged to enjoy the outdoors. All Houses of Three have an outdoor space that allow for enjoying the sunshine. These areas give residents the opportunity for meals to be served outside, intimate visits with family members, or a stroll around the yard.

Do Residents need to move to another facility as they approach end of life?

In most all cases, Residents have been able to stay at their House of Three home through end of life. We help families utilize the services of skilled Home Health/Hospice, as necessary, frequently allowing no need for a move. Residents can be serviced through Home Health/Hospice within their House of Three home.

Does Arkansas regulate Care Homes?

Though Arkansas does not regulate private-pay care homes, our company is actively working with our board of advisors, Office of Aging and Adult Services, as well as, state legislation to pursue some type of regulation and accreditation for care homes. Currently, the state of Arkansas does not recognize or regulate institutions that care for less than 4 individuals. As a company, the House of Three is pursuing and wants to welcome the recognition of such state accredited homes allowing for more individuals to enjoy the benefits associated with care found in a House of Three home. We are seeking to be company-regulated in such a manner that the House of Three will be the model for the writing of future legislation.

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What to Expect

  • 24/7 care with live-in/relief staff
  • Minimum 1-to-3 Caregiver to Resident ratio
  • Webcam accessible to family members at no additional cost
  • Private bedrooms/suites for all Residents
  • Primary-care physician continues direct care
  • Home-health, hospice and or home-based services can be continued
  • Meals provided with personal preferences of food choices and schedules