About Us

Koy Butler, Founder & President House of Three, Facilitator of Little Rock House of Three Homes

Mission Statement: Enriching the lives of individuals needing care by providing home environments which support the family in the care of their loved one.

A Message from Koy

In the early 1990’s after graduating with my degree in Business Communication, I found myself considering the path my degree could lead and exploring professional areas of interest. My maternal grandmother, Mamaw, fell and broke her hip. As she recuperated at her apartment attached to my parents’™ home, I helped her with her medication, bed mobility, transfers, even toileting. I so enjoyed being able to care for her. One day, Mamaw looked at me and said, “Son, you put me at ease when you care for me, and you move me without making me hurt. You need to go back to school and become a nurse.” Though nursing was not the path I chose, Mamaw became my inspiration to pursue a career in Senior Healthcare!

Not long after Mamaw was back on her feet, I enrolled in a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) program. I started working in a nursing home as a Caregiver in hopes of learning more about caring for the elderly. If I was going to pursue an administration position in Long Term Care, I wanted to understand the job of those who provide the day-to-day care of residents. After a few months of working as a CNA and successfully completing the Nursing Home Administrator’s exam, I received a position as an Assistant Administrator. A year after that, I was married and was offered the Administrator position at a new nursing home in Lonoke, Arkansas.

After twenty plus years of working in management positions within Long Term Care, I decided seniors in Arkansas needed additional living/care choices other than institutions. Regulations appeared to prevent seniors and their families from making the healthcare/lifestyle choices they wanted. My conversations with seniors echoed the same feelings. Families were concerned, because caregiver-to-patient ratios did not allow for needs to be met. Families whose parents suffered from dementia stated, “The building is too loud”; or, “There is too much commotion, and they become agitated.” The families yearned for more personal care, privacy, and choice for their loved ones.

The concept of the House of Three developed as I was frequently asked to give advice for friends and family. I desired to tell them of an environment that paralleled the comforts of home. I wanted to reassure them that there was a place where the caregiver-to-resident ratio allowed for needs to be met. I realized that if this choice was going to be offered, my concept needed to become a reality.

Expansion of House of Three

I opened my first House of Three in Little Rock in 2013. I found the home environment precisely the option I was desiring to offer to families as an alternative to the institutional care for their loved ones. I then opened two additional Little Rock homes. My fellow business acquaintance, Shane Edwards, and I began discussions in 2015 as we considered how House of Three could be available to families throughout Arkansas. He opened two homes in Rogers to service northwest Arkansas, and is now CEO of Finance and Licensing for House of Three. In 2016, licensing allowed the House of Three concept to be offered in Hot Springs and Sheridan, as well. We continue to seek expansion opportunities throughout the state for the quality of care found in the comfortable home setting of a House of Three.

I now feel confident assuring my friends and relatives that we can take great care of their loved one. When caring for only three Seniors in a home, families and health care professionals find it easier to communicate the needs of each individual to staff. Given the Staff-to-Resident ratio, we have the opportunity to know each Resident on a very personal level and anticipate their needs and preferences.

At whatever level of care your family member currently is, whether living in their own home, in an assisted-living facility, or even if currently in a nursing home, The House of Three can be a sound placement that can serve them most times through palliative care. Those requiring hospice care are welcome, because hospice and home health services can continue while living in a House of Three.

All of our independently owned homes in cities throughout the state are family-operated. We seek to give the best of care and enjoy getting to know and support the Residents’ family members.

House of Three strives to be more than just a care home; we’re a last home for many, a family partner, and a model for other Long Term Care providers. We are a company seeking new ways to fulfill our promise to provide Quality Care, Nurturing Service, and Value for Seniors. House of Three is the family solution to long-term care.™

Thank you!
Koy Butler

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What to Expect

  • 24/7 care with live-in/relief staff
  • Minimum 1-to-3 Caregiver to Resident ratio
  • Webcam accessible to family members at no additional cost
  • Private bedrooms/suites for all Residents
  • Primary-care physician continues direct care
  • Home-health, hospice and or home-based services can be continued
  • Meals provided with personal preferences of food choices and schedules